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RGNext performs operations, maintenance and sustainment for the U.S. Space Force Space System Command’s Launch and Test Range System (LTRS) Integrated Support Contract (LISC). Through performance of the LISC program, RGNext’s primary objectives are to ensure mission success through responsive Operations, Maintenance, and Sustainment (OM&S) and to reduce range costs through efficiencies from consolidating contracts and using common processes, where practical, throughout the range enterprise.

RGNext is responsible for operations, as well as organizational and depot-level maintenance and sustainment of mission-critical systems to provide safe and effective launch, testing, and tracking of Department of Defense, civil, commercial and international spacelift vehicles. It also supports ballistic missile, guided weapon, and aeronautical tests and evaluations.

The RGNext LISC Team offers capabilities in range safety, weather, surveillance, modeling and simulation, planning and scheduling, telemetry, radar, optics, timing and sequencing, data handling, and communications. We also provide logistics support, depot maintenance and sustainment. RGNext delivers unparalleled mission assurance, efficiency and strong risk management expertise to support range operations today and for our future in space.